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Wag! vs Local Dog Walkers

Big time advertisers like Wag! and Rover are great for pet parents who don't know any local dog walkers or pet sitters, however, I've noticed most all pet parents actually prefer hiring a local walker they can build a relationship with. One of the most important things to look for in a pet sitter / dog walker is if they are insured and bonded, this immediately separates the "hobbyists" from the professionals. You can find a list of insured professionals in your area by visiting Pet Sitters International at

Most of us offer a complementary meet and greet, if they don't, I suggest you keep looking - these people are going to have the keys to your home and your beloved fur baby in their hands - the least they can do is meet you in person. This will increase your comfort level and the comfort level of the pet sitter - no one should want to walk into a well guarded German Shepherds home without being introduced first.

Many of us professionals also use apps like Wag! that show you time stamped GPS markers and poop reports for our visit with your furry little friend. You will get to see when, where, and how long we are with your pet with the added bonus of lots of cute photos!

Personal referrals are by far the best way to meet a great dog walker / pet sitter so ask your friends and neighbors or even NextDoor who they are using. Spoiled Pooch started out with 5 clients and with the help of excellent reviews and referrals grew into the business it is today.

Next blog we will break down the different size companies and the advantages of each. In the meantime get your fill of cute Spoiled Pooches and Pretty Kitties

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