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Puppy on the Beach

Book a Vacation for your Pooch

$85 per 24 hours

all inclusive home-sweet-home boarding

Venice Vibes

Imagine how happy your fur baby will be with morning walks on the beach, a sweet dog friend named Gracie (black lab mix in photos) to play with, a front yard to sunbathe in, home-made treats, and lots of love and chill vibes in the iconic Venice area with Kennedy.

Playa Pause

Picture your pooch walking through manicured parks and

 beautiful creekside trails, soaking up the sunshine on the balcony, being cuddled and loved on the couch, and being Ariana's one and only never lonely fur baby in the utopia pet paradise of Playa Vista.

Brentwood Abode

Envision your spoiled pooch swimming in a beautiful pool, finding the perfect spot to sunbathe in the large front yard, walking the tree shaded neighborhoods of Brentwood, and bunking up with Maddie in her house.