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"Above and Beyond - because they're Family."

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Insured & Bonded


Providing high quality dog walks and in-home pet sitting to pet parents in West Los Angeles since 2012. Large enough to meet all your needs - even last minute requests, yet small enough to keep that personal touch.


We believe dogs are truly our best friends. We believe a happy cats purr is the best sound in the world. We believe it is an absolute honor to care for these adorable, funny, smart, curious creatures. We believe pets are family. We believe in doing what we love and loving what we do. This is why we founded Spoiled Pooch Beyond Pet Services.

Time stamped GPS route of your dogs walks and pet sitting visit will show you exactly when, where, and how long we are with your fur-baby. We will send you adorable photos and videos of your happy pet each and every visit. Hello peace of mind, goodbye worry.

Jeanetta Okoreeh CEO

Our Services

Happy, Healthy Pets

Do you ever find yourself too busy to get home in time to walk or feed your fur-baby? Are you going away on vacation and need a trusted companion for them while you’re gone? Regardless of your needs we are here to take care of your beloved pet. Get in touch so we can discuss the details and we can meet your furry friend. Build trust with the same care giver each time.


$36 Pack Adventures

Let’s Have Some Fun

Shall we hike the LMU trail or walk the lagoon today? Dog park or head to the ocean to cruise the jetty? Each day an adventure awaits your dog so they get to sniff new smells, see their friends, and live their best life. Live vicariously through them when you receive your daily updates with photos and videos. 

$36 gets your dog an hour of active exercise and social time with other friendly pups. Total time out with us will vary on how big the pack is that day - we take 2-6 dogs per pack leader - pick ups and drop offs are included. Time out can range from just over an hour to 3 1/2 hours.


$36 Morning (10am-12pm) OR Afternoon (12pm-2pm)

$51 Morning AND Afternoon Pack (10am - 2pm)

Add $11 per additional dog

$36 Pack Hike

Nature is calling!

Our dogs are happiest when they are in nature. We have a couple trails we go to on a regular basis where well trained dogs can be off leash when safe. If you want your dog to stay on leash - just let us know. You will love the photos and videos we send of your adventure pup! *Kenneth Hahn Hike is on-leash only.


$36 gets your dog an hour of active exercise and social time with other friendly pups on a hiking trail. Total time out with us will vary on how big the pack is that day - we take 2-6 dogs per pack leader - pick ups and drop offs are included. Time out can range from just over an hour to 3 1/2 hours.

$36 per hour local hike

Add $11 per additional dog

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$36 Dog Park

For the Social and Energetic

Don't have time to take your fur-baby to the dog park? We will pick them up, hang out, throw the ball and make sure they have a great time. Some dogs just need to run around off-leash for an hour to get all their energy out, if this sounds like your pup we've got you covered. Pick up and drop off included.

$36 Hour Dog Park Visit

Add $11 per additional pet

$51 Doggie Daycare

Playtime and Walks

Does your pet need all day care? Staff may opt to take select small to medium size friendly dogs in their home when they can accommodate it. Walks and potty breaks are included as well as feeding if they are staying for dinner. You can drop off and pick up or we can if you're flexible on times.

$51 2-5 hour Doggie Day Care

$66 6-12 hour Doggie Day Care

Add $11 per additional pet

$26 Solo Local Dog Walks

Have a Sniffer or a Runner?

We walk dogs individually (unless you own more than one and want them walked together) so they get all the love and attention they deserve and we can go at their preferred pace. We will send you an GPS time-stamped update and little anecdote of our excursion, along with photos and poop report. 


$21 per 15/20 min local walk

$26 per 30 min local walk

$31 per 45 min local walk

$36 per hour local walk

Add $11 per additional dog

$26 Cat Visit

When you love to travel but your cat don't

We love cats, we almost changed our name to Spoiled Pooch and Pretty Kitty but it sounded too much like a groomer! Don't leave your cats to fend for themselves while you vacation, book us to come feed them, change the litter, play with them if they are social, brush them, or just hang out and watch a movie so they have the company the deserve. Mail and plant watering service included.

$21 per 15/20 min visit

$26 per 30 min visit

$31 per 45 min visit

$36 per hour visit

Add $6 per additional cat

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$86 Pet Sitting

At your place, where your pooch is most comfy

Planning an amazing vacation? We use a futuristic device to turn ourselves into you. We take care of your pet and your home just like you would - maybe even a little better. We spend the night, take them out for a potty break, feed breakfast, hang out, afternoon walk, dinner, evening walk, nighttime potty break and repeat. Staff is allowed to leave up to 4 hours at a time as needed. Get daily updates with photos and videos of your happy pet who is staycationing.  

We are no longer offering

Dog Boarding in our home,

only in the clients homes


$86 Overnight Dog sitting w/3 30 min walks
$101 Overnight Dog sitting w/4 30 min walks

Add $11 per additional dog

Add $6 per additional cat or other pet

$30 Pet Lyft

To The Vet and Beyond

Does your pet need to go to the vet or groomers but you have a meeting you can't miss? We will shuttle your pet around town and let you know how it went.


$30 one way:
Drop off OR pick up your pet from the vet, groomers etc.
$50 round trip:
Drop off AND pick up your pet from the vet, groomers etc.
​$16 per hour:
If you would like us to wait with your pet and take notes from vet.

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Get an hour of

your day back, book your

FREE meet & greet.

Servicing West LA:

Playa Vista

Marina del Rey

Playa del Rey


Mar Vista

Santa Monica


Redondo Beach



Our Team

"We treat your pet like our own Spoiled Pooch!"







CEO, Scheduler, Billing "Pet Spoiler" (Since 2012)

Jeanetta Okoreeh started Spoiled Pooch in 2012 knowing she could help other pet parents who loved their fur-babies as much as she does - you know the ones who pick out new furniture with their furry children in mind and worry about them every time they leave home without them. Jeanetta hand picks her team and trusts them with her own Spoiled Pooch Thaddeus. Read more in Our Story.


Solo Dog Walker, Doggie Daycare

"Photo Queen" (Since 2015)

Ariana Moini has lived in Playa Vista for 10 years and loves living in a close knit community where there are so many pooches to spoil!! She is also and actress and a dancer who loves to entertain people and the pets she cares for. Ariana loves all pets like they are her own and is proud to be called a "second mama" by many of their owners. Ari welcomes pets into her own home during doggie daycare. Check out Playa Pause the next time you need daycare.


Solo Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, "Qigong Pet Healer" (Since 2017)

Shannon Theus's favorite thing is pet sitting, she recognizes and identifies with the love you share for your pet and strives to make them happy and comfortable while you're away from home. Shannon enjoys dog walks in the park and watching all pooches play together as a happy pack makes her heart leap. Your pet is her utmost concern and their safety is always her first priority. She is looking forward to spending time with your pet and getting to know the owners too. Lots of love to go around for dogs and cats! CPR certified.

shannon and cat.jpg


Solo Dog Walker, Doggie Lover "Sweet Talker" (Since 2018)

Anna Kiedrowski is a doggie lover and Jeanetta's neighbor. She absolutely loves dogs and started walking for Spoiled Pooch after continually running into each other outside walking their dogs. Gentle and kind, Anna, is an excellent addition to our team. Named our "Sweet Talker" because she talks baby talk to all the pups she walks!


Redondo Beach Pack Leader, Pet Sitter,

"The Nice Guy" (Since 2012)

Beau Smith has been walking dogs and pet sitting with Spoiled Pooch since 2012 and can handle any breed; he has a strong bond with animals. Beau is an actor and stand up comedian and you can see his set at many local open mics. Beau hopes to see you and your pup(s) soon!



Dog Walker, Pet Sitter "Pupachino Queen"

(Since 2019)

Bianca Salazar met Jeanetta through church and began assisting her in dog walks and pack adventures. She loves all dogs and is known for taking her pet sitting clients to Starbucks to get a "pupachino" (whip cream in a cup). Her future goal is to become a pet tech and continue helping all the animals that cross her path. She can handle dogs of all sizes and breeds.

I have been a client of Spoiled Pooch for several years. The owner loves dogs which makes a big difference. She understands how much we dog owners love our dogs. She hires the most incredible dog walkers who treat the dogs they walk like their own! These folks are responsible, on time, willing to accommodate changes in schedules, and always go that extra mile! I have referred many of my friends with dogs to this service and without a doubt everyone is totally satisfied! Five Star Rating!!!


#RainbowBridge was created as a photo memorial for our saddest goodbyes,

including Christines' beloved Bailey, our very first client.

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Brentwood Pack Leader & Daycare & Boarding

(Since 2020)

Maddie Libby is a student at the University of Southern California who was born and raised in Brentwood, Los Angeles. Her passion and admiration for dogs began early at age one - her first birthday party was a puppy party after all! Maddie is dedicated to giving your pup a full-service experience by prioritizing adventurous play and unconditional love. Whether it is a walk through the neighborhood, a dip in the pool, or playtime on the lawn, Maddie will make sure your furry friend is feeling safe, secure, and loved. It would be her honor to welcome your fluffer to a 5-star stay at the humble Brentwood Abode!

When you want your pet to be cuddled instead of crated... #ChooseSpoiled

When your cat wants to stay in their own home... #ChooseSpoiled

When your dog likes humans more than other dogs... #ChooseSpoiled

When your cat sees the travel bag and runs and hides... #ChooseSpoiled

When you want to actually enjoy your vacation... #ChooseSpoiled

When your dog has more energy than you do... #ChooseSpoiled

When you want to spoil your furbabies because you love them... #ChooseSpoiled



Praise From Our Pet Parents


Damon D. & Dubs

Best pet sitters and walkers I've had in 20 years in LA. My dog loves them and I feel completely secure and at ease knowing they are watching him when I leave.

3 Things we need from you

Meet, Keys, Paperwork



FREE Meet & Greet in person

We will come to your home, take a walk with you and your dog, and get to know you and your cat. You can show us where the leash, food, water, litterbox etc is so we are prepared and your pet trusts us.


TWO sets of keys

One set of keys will stay with your primary pet sitter or dog walker. The second set of keys will stay securely with Jeanetta... just in case.


Vet Info & Pet Details

After our meet and greet, Jeanetta will email paperwork that consists of: Vet Release and Info, Contact and Emergency Contact info, Pet Details and Feeding Instructions. Activate your Time to Pet account and we are ready to roll... or walk.

Our Story

Jeanetta Loves Thaddy

Thaddeus, my Frenchie, stole my heart the moment he pranced up to me with his big ears at two months old, and we have been deeply in love since.


During my acting days, after I left the fashion industry, my neighbor / dog walker moved to the East Coast and I took on 5 of her pet clients. Little did I know that was going to change my life forever. My dad always told me "Find something you love and never work another day of your life." Dog walking was better than fashion design and acting combined. Best of all it gave me lots of special time with Thaddy every day!

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast..." Proverbs 12:10 For me, nothing is better than being outdoors with God's greatest beasts every day! Its been 8 years and I couldn't be happier.

A special story - Thaddeus ruptured his spine and had emergency surgery. During his recovery we carried him up and down stairs, got a low Japanese style bed that sits on the floor and prevented him from jumping off our couches. It was of utmost importance to me to find someone I could trust to take care of Thaddeus when I couldn't. Someone I could depend on to carry him down the stairs every single time. Each person I hire, I trust with my own pets. When I travel I use Spoiled Pooch Pet Sitters, when I am away all day I book walks and dinner to be fed. Being a mom of an active boy, it is so nice to have trusted pet support every time I need it - even last minute. It eliminates my guilt and allows me to enjoy vacations. It takes the stress away from rushing home to walk him or the extra effort of cleaning up a mess because I was later than expected. I am relieved to have - what I call - Team Thaddy. I love each member of the Spoiled Pooch team. The prices I charge allow me to hire the best and pay them the best rates. It really is true you get what you pay for and I wouldn't trust anyone but the best for Thaddeus because he is my first born, he is family. 

Fun fact: I grew up raising Australian Shepherds, cats, pigs, sheep, cows, goats,

chickens and bunnies in northern California - but we didn't live on a farm -

we just LOVE ALL ANIMALS! This is me with the goat everyone was afraid of.

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