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Spoiled Pooch


Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

"We go above & beyond because they're family."

Spoiled Pooch eliminates the guilt of being away from your pet for long hours by providing dog walks, cat visits, and in-home pet sitting you can trust, resulting in happier healthier pets and more free time.

We believe dogs are truly our best friends. We believe a happy cats purr is the best sound in the world. We believe it is an absolute honor to care for these adorable, funny, smart, curious creatures. We believe pets are family. We believe in doing what we love and loving what we do. This is why we founded Spoiled Pooch.

Time stamped GPS route of your dog walks and pet sitting visits will show you exactly when, where, and how long we are with your pet. We will send you adorable photos and videos of your happy fur-babies each and every visit. Hello peace of mind, goodbye worry.

Jeanetta Okoreeh, Founder/CEO

Green Eyed Cat

Get an hour of

your day back!

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Serving the Westside since 2012:

Marina del Rey

Playa del Rey

Playa Vista

Mar Vista



Culver City

West Santa Monica


Kennth Hahn Area

Our Services

Happy, Healthy Pets

Do you ever find yourself too busy to get home in time to walk or feed your pets? Are you going away on vacation and need a trusted companion for them while you’re gone? Regardless of your needs we are here to take care of your beloved fur children. Get in touch so we can discuss the details and set up a time to meet you and your furry friend at your home. Build trust with the same dog walker each day.

Pack Adventures

Let’s Have Some Fun

Shall we hike the LMU trail or walk the lagoon today? Dog park or head to the ocean to cruise the jetty? Each day an adventure awaits your dog so they get to sniff new smells, make new friends, and live life their best life. Live vicariously through them when you receive your daily updates with photos and videos. 

Pick up and drop off is included in price but doesn't take away from adventure walk time. Total time out with us will vary depending on how big the pack is that day - each leader can take up to 6 dogs. 


AVAILABLE: Weekdays only 10-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm

PRICING: $32-$60 (See below)

(Plus $10-20 per extra dog, $10 holidays):

$32 Half Hour Adventure Pack (2-4pm only) *$10 per extra dog

$40 Hour Adventure Pack (10-12pm, 12-2pm) *$10 per extra dog

$60 Half Day Pack 4-6 hour outing (10/11am - 2/3pm: Joins both Hour Adventure packs) *$20 per extra dog

group dog walk in westchester los angeles


2 Hour Group Walks

Each team leader picks up to 6 dogs in their area (Santa Monica/ Venice) (Marina del Rey/Playa Vista) (Westchester/Playa del Rey) and then heads to a safe area to walk for 2 hours taking a shade and water break halfway through. The pups love seeing their friends and being out of their home for a few hours. You'll love our updates with photos of them and their friends and some days the pack leaders all meet up and walk their packs together. 

Pick up and drop off is included in price but doesn't take away from pawventure walk time. Total time out with us will vary depending on how big the pack is that day - each leader can take up to 6 dogs. 


AVAILABLE: Weekdays only 10/11am-1pm

PRICING: $50 per 2 hour Pawventure 

(Plus $20 per extra dog, $10 holidays)

group dog walking in playa vista

Private Local Walk / Visit
& In-home Daycare

Have a Sniffer or a Runner?

Private local dog walk/visit so your spoiled pooch gets all the love and attention they deserve and we can go at their preferred pace. We will send you an update with photo and poop report and little anecdote of our excursion.



AVAILABLE: 7 days a week 7am-7pm

PRICING: (Plus $10 per extra dog, $10 holidays, $10 weekends):

$25 per 15/20 min visit

$30 per 30 min visit

$35 per 45 min visit

$40 per 60 min visit

$50 per 90 min visit

$60 per 120 min visit

$20 per hour for In-home day care

private dog walk in del rey mar vista

Cat Care / Visits

Loving all cats - whether social or shy!

Please don’t stress your cats out by boarding them or leaving them caged up at your vets! Let them live their best lives in the comfort of their own homes. We will come and provide all the care they need whether that’s one 15 min visit every other day or two hour visits every day - full of love and playtime. The time is yours - just let us know what you would like us to do. It’s all inclusive: feeding wet and dry food, hiding treats for them to hunt, brushing them, playing with them, cleaning the litter and administering any meds necessary. We love love love cats! 



AVAILABLE: 7 days a week 7am-7pm

(Plus $5 per extra pet, $10 holidays, no weekend fee):

$25 per 15/20 min visit

$30 per 30 min visit

$35 per 45 min visit

$40 per 60 min visit

$90 per Overnight stay (includes dinner, overnight stay and breakfast, plus other cat and home duties)

$125 per Overnight for Kittens (pets are not left alone for more than 2-3 hours at a time)

$150 per Overnight for Pets with Separation Anxiety (pets are always with us and never alone)

*Overnights take place in our clients homes, are based on location, availability, and balance is due in full upon booking. No refunds/credits.

in-home cat and kitten pet sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting / *Boarding

In-home Pet Care for your fur family!

Planning an amazing vacation? We use a futuristic device to turn ourselves into you. We take care of your pet(s) and your home just like you would - maybe even a little better. Get daily updates with photos and videos of your happy pet(s) who is(are) staycationing. 

*WE ARE NOT A BOARDING FACILITY. Boarding is for current walk/pack/pawventure clients only at specific team members home, based on availability.



(Plus $20 per extra dog, $10 per cat, $10 holidays):

$100 per Overnight Pet Sitting: 5/6pm - 7/8am (Includes: Dinner & Walk / Potty & Overnight Stay / Breakfast & Walk)

*Add on afternoon walk(s) as needed.

$100 per Overnight Boarding:  5/6pm - 7/8am (Includes: Dinner & Walk / Potty & Overnight Boarding / Breakfast & Walk)

*Add on Adventure Pack / Pawventure as needed.

$125 - Overnights for Puppy / Senior (pets are not left alone for more than 2-3 hours at a time)

$150 - Overnights for Pets with Separation Anxiety (pets are always with us and never alone)

*Overnights take place in our clients homes, are based on location, availability, and balance is due in full upon booking. No refunds/credits.

frenchi in-home dog pet sitting

Pet Lyft

To The Vet & Beyond

Does your pet need to go to the vet or groomers but you have a meeting you can't miss? We will shuttle your pet around town and let you know how it went.

$30 one way:
Drop off OR pick up your pet from the vet, groomers etc. plus .655 per mile
$50 round trip:
Drop off AND pick up your pet from the vet, groomers etc. up to one hour
​$20 per hour:
If you would like us to wait with your pet and take notes from vet.

pet transfer services in marina del rey

I have been a client of Spoiled Pooch for several years. The owner loves dogs which makes a big difference. She understands how much we dog owners love our dogs. She hires the most incredible dog walkers who treat the dogs they walk like their own! These folks are responsible, on time, willing to accommodate changes in schedules, and always go that extra mile! I have referred many of my friends with dogs to this service and without a doubt everyone is totally satisfied! Five Star Rating!!!


Our Team

"We treat your pet like our own Spoiled Pooch!"




Jeanetta Okoreeh founder ceo owner of spoiled pooch boutique pet services


Founder/CEO, Back-up Walker, Scheduler
"Pet Spoiler" (Since 2012)

Jeanetta Okoreeh founded Spoiled Pooch in 2012 with the intention of helping other pet parents who love their fur-babies as much as she does - you know - the ones who pick out new furniture with their furry children in mind and worry about them every time they leave home without them. Jeanetta hand picks and trains her team and trusts them with her own Spoiled Pooch Thaddeus. She meets every single client and looks forward to spoiling your pet soon!

spoiled pooch walking dogs in the rain


Manager, Pawventure Leader, Pet Boarder
"Animal Whisperer" (Since 2022)

Justine Boyriven has been working with animals for over 20 years. She feels comfortable working with all pets including disabled animals. Justine worked for several rescues over the last 7 years so she has a ton of experience and has rescued many animals herself. She says she was raised with a zoo when she was a child. When she isn't taking care of spoiled pooches she enjoys painting and singing. 

Justine leads the Pawventure Team Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm, and boards dogs at her home with a beautiful backyard in Sherman Oaks with her dog Jax and Cat Sophie.

group dog walk pack walk in Westchester Los Angeles


Pawventure Leader, Pet Sitter

 "Sweet Mama" (Since 2022)

Kristin Varner absolutely loves animals. She always had pets growing up, and finds their company comforting. Kristin has been a dog walker and pet sitter since 2007 and it's by far the best thing she's ever done. Her experience in pet care is from having her own pets and raising her three boys. She looks forward to working with your pooches and doing the best job possible. 

Kristin picks up our Westchester and Playa del Rey clients for our 2 hour Pawventures each weekday. 

dog walking rain or shine in playa vista


Pawventure Leader, Boarder
"Musical Dave" Since 2022

Musician. Born and Raised in Los Angeles.

Exploring this life one tune at a time.

David is a big fan of the westside pawventures, where the pups are guaranteed to enjoy a lively, urban adventure. He has a daily pack of 5 doggos with pick ups from West Hollywood to Santa Monica to Venice and explores the Venice area. He is open to board current clients only at his home.

Private dog walks in del rey and mar vista


Adventure Pack Leader, Boarder

"Gentle Leader" (Since 2023)

Dave Zoeller was raised in Indianapolis, IN and came to LA to work in film. His parents had 4 children and 4 golden retrievers. Each time a kid left for college they were replaced by a dog! His parents taught him that dogs are part of the family and should be treated as such. He is excited to care for your fur children. Dave is here for all the walks, boardings, belly scratches and puppacinos!

private dog walking in marin del rey


Adventure Pack Leader, Pet Sitter
"The Nice Guy" (Since 2012)

Beau Smith has been walking dogs and pet sitting with Spoiled Pooch since its beginning in 2012 and can handle any breed; he has a strong bond with animals. Beau is an actor and stand up comedian and you can see his set at many local open mics. Beau hopes to see you and your pup(s) soon!

Beau heads up the pack for our clients near Kennth Hahn. He has a 10-12 noon pack and 12-2pm pack - or your active pup can join both! He pet sits for his pack clients in their homes as needed however he's allergic to cats!

dog park visits in santa monica


Pack Leader, Dog Park
"Team Venice" (Since 2023)

Tony Nigro leads our newest Venice & Mar Vista Adventure Pack 11-4pm each weekday. He also does private dog walks, and dog park visits. Tony loves to be in nature and connect with our doggos - he loves all breeds and sizes. 

Tony loves cats too - in fact he has a long haired Balinese cat named BananaCake (although he says he didn’t name her lol)! 

Tony specializes in therapeutic massage and enjoys gardening. 

dog pack walks at the beach in playa del rey


Private & Group Dog Walker
"Our Cesar Millan" (Since 2022)

Hi! My name is Amber and dogs are totally my jam! I've been a walker for about 8 years. I'm also a former Disney Tour Guide and Army Veteran and I firmly believe that dogs are more than pets, they are members of the family! When I'm not cruising with pups I'm a craft beer enthusiast, avid theme park goer, and love hiking anywhere I can!

private dog walks with all breeds and temperments


Private & Group Dog Walker, Cat Care, Pet Sitter
"Tiny but Mighty" (Since 2022)

Ana Gonzales has worked in many facets of animal care. She has lots of experience pet sitting for our clients and has also worked in hotel and daycare facilities. Ana has worked in a physical rehab clinic mending animals to health or helping them get around, and also worked with exotics for a bit at a sanctuary. Ana loves being surrounded by animals, and enjoys walking our spoiled pooches, caring for our cats, and providing overnight care while clients are out of town.

dog walking in playa del rey


Private Dog Walker, Cat Care, Pet Sitter
"Sensitive Sitter" (Since 2023)

Dena loves dogs, cats and creatures great and small. Residing in Playa Del Rey, she helps out local clients with private walks and boards small to medium dogs in her own home. Dena is a creative who enjoys painting and playing the guitar. She joined Spoiled Pooch because she loves animals and the outdoors (especially the beach and hiking).

in-home dog sitting in playa vista


Private Dog Walker, Cat Care, Pet Sitter
"Playa Vista Pup Queen" (Since 2016)

Bianca Salazar has a huge love for pets! 

She has two dogs of her own and is studying to become a vet tech.

Bianca is available for private dog walks and and cat visits in the Playa Vista area. We met at our local church and she has been such a blessing to Spoiled Pooch. She is extremely dependable and always early or on time. 

Bianca also pet sits for clients in their homes. She is also our best team member for doggie/puppy daycare for date nights or concerts. 

in-home cat care pet sitting


Cat Visits, Pet Sitter
"Qigong Pet Healer" (Since 2017)

Shannon Theus's favorite thing is pet sitting, she recognizes and identifies with the love you share for your pet and strives to make them happy and comfortable while you're away from home. Shannon enjoys dog walks in the park and watching all pooches play together as a happy pack makes her heart leap. Your pet is her utmost concern and their safety is always her first priority. She is looking forward to spending time with your pet and getting to know the owners too. Lots of love to go around for dogs and cats! CPR certified.

solo dog walks in marina del rey


Private Dog Walker, Pet Sitter
"Good Vibes" (Since 2023)

Marion grew up in Louisiana with dogs ranging from a small rat terrier named Sophie, a medium-sized Labrador/Golden Retriever mix named Oreo, and a large 80 pound rescue named Rex. This provided experience with all sizes, breeds, and temperaments of dogs as well as administering medicine. Marion serviced over 1000 walks with WAG! and averaged a 4.9 star rating and is thrilled to be at Spoiled Pooch. He loves dogs, cats and all animals which is why he goes above and beyond for them.


When Marion is not walking dogs, he is working with his acting coach and auditioning. 

spoiled pooch logo


Pet Sitter
"The Spoiler" (Since 2022)

Jane adores animals.  She loves dogs and feels very much in touch with them. Their individual, distinct  personalities always entertain. She is a cat lover as well. Actually i just love animals, period. Jane grew up with Dogs, Cats, Gold Fishes, Guinea pigs, Horses and has been taking care of dogs of all ages & sizes through-out her whole life really.  Being a keen walker too, the two mingle well!!  Jane has many interests of which can be undertaken at home.  One of which being an independent writer currently participating with creative on-line courses. Together they enable Jane to spend much time at your home making her an ideal pet-sitter.  Jane is extremely reliable, taking great care of your pets and your home whilst being away.  She is a very loving, tactile and affectionate person with the animals, taking on the role with great passion.

group dog walks in marina del rey


Pet Sitter
"Staycation King" (Since 2022)

Jordan Picou - future Psychiatrist in the making! He enjoys every interaction with people and especially with animals. His passion is reading comic books and diving into different worlds of video games... a good story is all he needs!


Jordan used to be on our Pawventure team but since he moved out of the westside he mainly pet sits for our clients who are out of town which is why we call him the Staycation King!

spoiled pooch logo


Pet Sitter
"Dog Expert" (Since 2023)

Hi, I’m Scott! I was born in raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan - home of the University of Michigan - Go Blue! After graduating from college, I had a few jobs until I came up with an idea for a pet sitting business. I started off doing daily dog walks, pet sitting, and overnight stays. I started off with about 5 dogs which turned into over 15 which earned me the nick names “the dog whisperer”. I had this business for over 17 years, but finally decided to sell it to challenge myself to do new things. I feel very lucky to do something so fun and be my own boss. I have since moved to California and thought it would be enjoyable to house sit and be with animals as I dip my toe in the world of comedy. I look forward to spending time with your pets, as I really know that they are family. You also have my word that I will treat your home as my own.

loving and caring dog walker and pet sitter in mar vista


Private Dog Walker
"Caring Karen"(Since 2022)

Meet Karen.  As a passionate animal lover, she is thrilled to be able to bond with your "fur baby" and give them nothing but love, great walks, and attention!  She has a knack  for learning and understanding all different types of animals. My experiences in Pet Care stems from having my own pets and caring for my friends & families beloved 4 legged friends. I have been blessed with many animals throughout my life; from rabbits to hamsters, dogs to cats, birds to frogs... but nothing is more important to me than my sweet 16 year old Maltipoo, named Lola Marie. I can assure you that I will treat your babies like they were one of my own, not only because I'm an animal lover, but because it's how I would want my little girl to be treated. I look forward to pampering your pet with love, respect, and safety. 

dog boarding in a private residence


Private Dog Walker, Boarder
"Uncle Gary"(Since 2022)

Gary Murakami provides private local walks and always goes above and beyond. He gives each Spoiled Pooch undivided attention. We are so blessed to have him on our team, he is truly here for the doggos and they know it! Gary also boards dogs in his house in Del Rey which has a nice backyard!

Praise From Our Pet Parents

marina del rey dog walker

Jenny W. & Stella & Marley

There are not enough words to describe how much we love Spoiled Pooch and how appreciative we are that they are in our lives. Our dogs are our first born and Everyone at Spoiled Pooch treats them as if they are their first born as well. Dog owners and lovers should get that sentiment. Our dogs get so excited every time one of the gang picks them up and they are pooped when they get dropped off. We recently had a baby and Spoiled Pooch was on call and ready to stay here when we went in to labor. The dogs didn't even miss us. What can I say we are huge fans and love them all like family. Thank You to the entire Spoiled Pooch Pac for all that you do for us. Xxo

Golden Retriever

3 Things we need from you

Meet, MOE, App


FREE Meet & Greet in person

We will come to your home, take a walk with you and your dog, and get to know you and your cat(s). You can show us where the harness, food, water, litterbox etc is so we are prepared to do an excellent job. Think of this as a 3-way interview.

Means of Entry

Keys, Codes, Lockbox

We will need to be able to get into your home and lock up after. Codes and lockboxes are preferred. f you are giving us keys we need two sets: one for your primary caregiver and one for Jeanetta as back up - just in case.

Time to Pet App

Activate your account

Jeanetta will email you a link to activate your Time to Pet account. Once you sign the agreements, complete profiles and add your credit card we are ready to roll... or walk. You can schedule as needed or ask Jeanetta to create a reoccurring template for you. Auto billing takes place every Monday for the previous weeks completed visits.

Our Story

Jeanetta Loves Thaddy

Thaddeus, my Frenchie, stole my heart the moment he pranced up to me with his big ears at two months old, and we have been deeply in love since.

During my acting days, after I left the fashion industry, my neighbor / dog walker moved to the East Coast and I took on 5 of her pet clients. Little did I know that was going to change my life forever. My dad always told me "Find something you love and never work another day of your life." Dog walking was better than fashion design and acting combined. Best of all it gave me lots of special time with Thaddy every day!

"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast..." Proverbs 12:10 For me, nothing is better than being outdoors with God's greatest beasts every day! Its been 8 years and I couldn't be happier.

A special story - Thaddeus ruptured his spine and had emergency surgery. During his recovery we carried him up and down stairs, got a low Japanese style bed that sits on the floor and prevented him from jumping off our couches. It was of utmost importance to me to find someone I could trust to take care of Thaddeus when I couldn't. Someone I could depend on to carry him down the stairs every single time. Each person I hire, I trust with my own pets. When I travel I use Spoiled Pooch Pet Sitters, when I am away all day I book walks and dinner to be fed. Being a mom of an active boy, it is so nice to have trusted pet support every time I need it - even last minute. It eliminates my guilt and allows me to enjoy vacations. It takes the stress away from rushing home to walk him or the extra effort of cleaning up a mess because I was later than expected. I am relieved to have - what I call - Team Thaddy. I love each member of the Spoiled Pooch team. The prices I charge allow me to hire the best and pay them the best rates. It really is true you get what you pay for and I wouldn't trust anyone but the best for Thaddeus because he is my first born, he is family. 

Fun fact: I grew up raising Australian Shepherds, cats, pigs, sheep, cows, goats, chickens and bunnies in northern California - but we didn't live on a farm - we just love all animals!

spoiled pooch logo marina del rey

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